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Don't let money ever stop you from attaining your goals. Or sidetrack you too much. Your drive and vision transcends all. Debt and investments are illusory. They are the trappings of decisions and serendipity. Some are earned. Some are born into. Some are created with savvy and manipulation. Everyone faces this in some form or another. Money seems complex, but in a nutshell is a value system that we all put our own individual interpretations towards. Power. Respect. Authority. I've seen money change people so many times, including myself. It can be a real battle at times to define yourself without the attribution of money to your status. But it can be done. Reverse the addictive behavior of circling back to moments in your life where you lost or forfeited money. There are all these manifestation techniques and visualizations. Ultimately, supersession needs to be employed. Be bigger than money. Smarter than its import of placing on you a net value. You and you alone put self-impose that value. Even if you are scoffed at by cynics. Even if you feel delusional. Even if you feel that constricting weight of paying a bill. Who do you want to impact? People who care about how much money you make or have, or people who are moved by accomplishments and life battles won. Lead. One of the greatest lessons I have been learning is that the process by which you are becoming a crystalline specimen of pure power is though all of the daily emotional darts being flung into your psyche of confidence, surety and direction. This is natural. This is necessary. These are your mixed meals by which to convert into sustenance. You must separate the non-useful truths into their own respective compartments and digest the kernels of wisdom they provide, to keep you moving forward. Everything you see, hear, read and feel can be used to project you further. Even when you are in transition, sick, tapped out or resting, your reserves are churning. Some will rise. Some will fall. And some will stay idle. Where do you want to sit on that spectrum? Belive in yourself and your mission. Not in the mission of money. Money has its own energy. And you have yours. Meet in the middle and do not become enslaved to it. You will never dominate it. Money is not to be dominated. It will easily trick you and pull the rug out from under you when you are not paying attention. Do your thing and let money do its own. And find yourself in a mutually agreeable position. Eliminate the need to jockey for control. Your thoughts are heard. The universe hears it when you constantly say the same thing. It becomes your reality. You can adjust your reality. In a big way. Get started. Make that climb. Be indivisible. Be an icon. Whether no one recognizes it or a world of people know who you are. Be an icon. Be an absolute icon.

IndieWire Film Festival Roundup- Misfortune

The Chelsea Film Festival will open its Fourth Edition with the NY Premiere of Dramatic Feature Film, “Misfortune,” directed by Desmond Devenish, on Thursday, October 13 at Cinepolis Chelsea. Devenish (director/producer/co-writer/actor), Xander Bailey (actor/co-writer) and Sarah Kinga Smith (manager/executive producer) are confirmed to attend the NY Premiere of the film, and there will be a post-screening Q&A moderated by 2016 Jury Member, Dana Verde (screenwriter/director).


Yesterday was a grind. 

And not for any particular reason. 

The energy of the day seemed to tug on me like a 50 pound weight. 

Everything was like moving through stiff mud. 

It dawned on me that there is just an energetic force that hits you upside your head sometimes. Some people call it Mercury Retrograde, others, just a bad day, and some, the attitude you carry. 

But what I am learning, is that like a fighter that's gotten wailed on a few times, there are mornings or afternoons when you will feel a little punchy, a little loopy. The dear things you hold will be thrown into question. You'll start to look at your shortcomings, weaknesses, ego issues, whatever... 

And then if you can recognize it as just a handicap and nothing more, you'll be okay. No batter is gonna go 4 for 4 every single game. At least for now.

We, in the form of humans are constantly looking to create that edge. Become the superhuman. Tapping into better diets, workout regiments, elevated thinking, quicker response time, leveling the playing field, head-to-head with technology. 

Some of us feel smarter because we can text faster. Impatience and shorter expectancies abound.... 

Emails sent past a day now are considered in the lag-zone. 

I'm okay with the speed. Leaves less space for stalling. But... the thing to keep in mind, is that we are all going through this shift. Many are freaking out, because they don't quite know what to do with themselves. A lot of people are quitting their jobs. They aren't satisfied with the status quo.

We were in my belief built for greatness. And yet, we spend so much time putting ourselves down, putting each other down; whether engineered or Pavlovian, all of the weak pulling each other lower into the abyss. 

It calls for a greater passion. A greater belief in each other. 

That greater purpose. 

We ALL have it. 


I drove past a homeless man last night, who was walking near the Hollywood Bowl, where people were enjoying themselves and celebrating life in the form of music. 

This man looked so beaten, so fraught with direction. And that's what troubled me the most. His lack of direction. Not even where he was going to find his next meal or rest his head. 

I think that we can all take a page from that, is that what is our ultimate direction? That is one of the most valuable things in life.

Without direction, we are all goners. 

Specifically, the direction of what you stand for, where you are from, and will return to from your mission. 

In other words, moving closer to you.... and not away from

Own it. 

Competitiveness and guilt are just indicators. Bar setters. 

But eventually you will transcend all of that. 

I'm sure of it. 

The same way Olympians keep breaking records, year after year, after year, we too will keep rising. 

It is happening right now. 

There is better music, stronger art, fiercer talent, mindfulness to food and health.

We are rising from the decadent ashes and responding to the apathy and mindless self-congratulating. 

We are going to rebuild our morale. As a country, as a world... all of the above. 

We will be split into chasms. 

Some will doubt and count each other out, as a viable solution to keeping this planet up to speed. 

But others are going to take that weight. They will carry on the backs the weak and disenfranchised. 

We must now more than ever, have each others' backs. 

Break egos in half and build one another up. 

We are only as good as the people we see every day, or else we are done for. 

A collective consciousness, if you will. 

I do believe, even in the face of cynics and haters and lost souls that we, all of us, have a great shot here. 

We may look like the world is in chaos and disarray, but it's a purging for sure. 

A ridiculously loud wake up call.

Don't get sucked into the lethargy and negative hype. 

You can switch it. 

True, these days are getting harder, but it will require each of us to dig that much deeper and transform into the being that you always were... 

But didn't quite know until right now. 




Marathon Heights

Be prepared to go on forever. 

It does sound extreme. 

But you will have short breaks. 

And ultimately get spun out on the other side. 

It must be a labor of love. 

Or else you will lose interest fast. 

Realize you are gaining serious skill sets every time you take additional steps forward. 

All of that minutia is sharpening your acumen. 

Making you into a well-oiled machine. 

It may become drab and mindless. 

But, so what.

There are an infinite amount of worse things that you could be doing. 

Remember the greater cause. 

See the mountain top. 

You are only competing with your own determination and will. 

You can have your goal. 

If it is a must, it will be yours. 

We will climb together.