Hey, guys... Ryan here, ready to wrap up the first week of Gunnison Galaxy's new format.  We've been incredibly busy, with Desmond in Sweden this week at the Live at Heart Festival screening of Misfortune.  This is just two days after he opened Misfortune in Tucson for a week-long engagement at the Harkins Spectrum 18!  Man, that guy hardly sits still... 

Then, there's Lesley, hammering away at Publicity and Press. 2900+ news outlets picked up her last press release.  I honestly don't know how she does it.  Is she magic?  Maybe...

Finally, there's the website, the Podcast and the Hollywood Intelligence Network.  Each piece is coming together quickly, but getting the content for each thread produced and published is a massive undertaking.  We want to grow as fast as humanly possible.  Unfortunately, there's only so many hours in a day.

Gunnison Galaxy is all about transparency.  We want to let you guys know what we do, and HOW we do it.  With this in mind, I wanted to take a second to explain the website, and what we did to get it going. 

First, our website's foundation is Joomla, the Content Management System.  We felt it was more robust than either WordPress or Drupal, and would scale to meet our multimedia needs better.  Standing it up included archiving the old content from the previous site, creating a new database and deploying the package.  We spent approximately two weeks playing with templates and formats, all the while the team collected "copy" (see: pretentious term for "words"), images and multimedia.  Once we got the template oriented and extended with the needed modules (RokBox for the win!), we began uploading the info.  A few more checks to make sure the buttons and forms worked (we call that "UAT", or User Acceptance Testing, in the tech biz), and we fired it up just in time for the Tucson event kickoff and press release.  

We have massive plans for the website, but they'll be rolled out in phases, so keep checking back with us.  We hope to get you the tools you need to build your projects. In the meantime, let the map data on the Hollywood Intelligence Network give you better insight into all the hidden information in Hollywood.   

We've conducted three studio trial recordings for the Podcast, and Desmond has really put his heart and soul into making it sound professional and sympathetic to the cause.  We hope to get that out at a pace of two podcasts a week once he gets back from his Festival.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the technical operations.  I'm always excited to talk tech, and never shy away from a bug hunt...

For all of you guys and girls trying to crack the industry, keep up the hard work! It pays off!